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How We Work

Your history. Your objectives. Your future.

In our eyes, all three are of equal importance. You cannot have one without the others, so we make sure to understand all facets of your investment profile as we craft an informed financial plan for you.

How we work with you


The journey is vital, though it is essential to start with the end goal in mind. In our first meeting, we will discuss what you are hoping to accomplish, as well as what your expectations are for our relationship. We will provide you with initial information about our services and the value we can bring you.


After getting to know one another, we will dig deeper into your financial life to identify the areas that offer the most opportunity for growth and improvement. During the discovery process, we compile ideas for your financial plan based on the information you provide. We will take a holistic look at your life to determine the optimal next steps for you to achieve your goals.


Once we have discussed your finances in detail, we design a financial plan customized according to your unique needs, goals, values, and priorities. Upon the presentation of this plan, we walk you through our recommendations so that you have a full understanding of our strategy. From there, we will begin the implementation process.