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Women on Wealth

Planning for your needs

Planning for your needs

Women on Wealth was created with the goal of emplowering, educating, and inspiring women to take control of their finances.

We get excited when you get excited about planning for your future -- whether that's planning for retirement, for purchasing your dream home, or planningfor your kids' education. We want to help.

Helping you achieve your goals is our goal.

* JAMA Internal Medicine, November 2023

Let's plan!
Connecting with you

Connecting with you

Different needs, different outlooks, different ways of thinking. We understand that your perspective is unique.

And we understand that you want an advisor who is invested in your goals. 

That's why we're here. We are invested in developing relationships with our clients for the long term.

Are you ready to get started? 

** New York Life Investments study, 2020

I'm ready!
LINdsey Allard, Awma®, MBA, PARTNER

LINdsey Allard, Awma®, MBA, PARTNER

"The goal is to bring women front and center in the financial conversation. To empower them to take the reins in their own lives, financially."

Lindsey helped found Women on Wealth at Beirne in 2018. And she's ready to help you work to acheive your goals.

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